My name is Hollyanne Shell. Cartoons and sleeping are some of my favorite activities! I was born in Hampton Virginia but spent most of my childhood moving around the county as a navy brat. My teenage years were spent growing up in Apopka Florida, where I lived until graduating high school. I moved to Columbus Ohio to study Illustration and design at Columbus College of Art & Design. In May of 2014 I graduated with a BFA in Illustration from CCAD. I currently live in Hawaii with my handsome husband, our cat and two cute little corgi dogs. I love, love, love, anything art. I have done anything from welding to oil painting to digital animation and everything in between. Mainly I work digitally, but I have a strange obsession with pen and ink. If you like my stuff, have any questions or just want to talk about the weather, email me at

I draw what makes me happy. Bright colors and lively line art tend to be present in a lot of my work. Just some of my influences include Charlie Harper, Scott Wills, Jim Flora and even Lauren Faust. I’ve always been fascinated with cartoons and even as an adult I spend hours watching them and studying the artwork, as well as lessons they provide. I also really like to draw food. There isn’t really a meaning behind that. Food is just fun to draw!


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